Political Action

Previously an a-political group, RPCV Phoenix took a turn toward more political activism and social justice advocacy at the beginning of 2017. Sensing that many former Peace Corps volunteers are looking for specific ways to become more engaged citizens, RPCV Phoenix wants to provide education, organization, fellow-ship, and calls-to-action for its members. These activities are meant to increase our power as a collective in order to fight for the social and political change that is in line the group’s desire for social justice, peace, and fairness.

Here are a few issues we’ll be working on:

  • Increasing Federal Peace Corps Funding
  • Fighting Climate Change
  • Champions for the disabled and mentally ill
  • Health care as a human right
  • Education as a human right
  • LGBTQ Allies
  •  Supporters for sensible gun control
  •  Leaders in comprehensive immigration reform
  •  Champions for Women’s Healthcare Rights
  •  Native American allies
  •  Advocates for prison reform
  •  Helpers of the homeless and hungry
  •  Higher education access for all
  •  Proper compensation for teachers and PreK-12 education
  •  Defenders of religious freedom
  •  Embracers of diversity
  •  Fighters against human trafficking
  •  Defenders of children’s rights
  •  Supporters of refugees


We need your help! In the coming months we’ll be looking for ‘issue advocates’ for all of the above issues and more! Watch this space!