RPCV Phoenix Cause Advocate

What is a RPCV Phoenix Cause Advocate?

There are too many social and political issues out there for us to research and know all the complexities of each. RPCV Phoenix will rely on Cause Advocates to 1. Read, know, and understand about the causes and/or organizations they are passionate about & 2. When applicable, inform or instruct of actionable items that will help further those causes and/or organizations.

Thank you for filling out this very short form! Feel free to select the items you feel comfortable with (all, one, a few, or none). Filling this form is the start of a conversation about how YOU want to make your special impact on the world. Thank you for this first step in social and political progress!

RPCV Phoenix Advocate
You are awesome! Thank you for considering being an RPCV Phoenix Advocate for a Cause!
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This list will continue to grow as we learn more about the social justice and political change ecosystem in Arizona.
The above is an abbreviated list derived from the "UN Declaration of Human Rights" - if you have a cause that is not listed, tell us in the Message box and we'll add it to the list!
Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments section!