Social Activity

Peace Corps volunteers tend to be gregarious (even the introverts!). So, it’s no surprise that many like to get together and tell stories, discuss topics of the day, or a great book. They also tend to be adventurous, curious, and experimental, so hikes, pot lucks, parties, and international events fall right in line with what an RPCV might be looking for!

Here is a bit of information for these:

  • Happy Hours: By far one of our most popular events. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers like to tell stories over drinks?! Who knew?  (We did. All of us did.)
  • Cultural Dinners: These are held once a month or every other month depending on the interest and time of organizers. They often rotate and the organizers really try to globe hop when selecting fare. From Indian fry-bread, to Ethiopian injera, to Ecuadorian empanadas – there’s always an exciting dining experience in the works at some point!
  • Book Clubs: If you’re ready to up your reading game – this might be an option for you! However, if you like to drink wine, eat snacks, and chat about life. This also might be the book club for you! Depends on the book. Depends on the group that gathers. Either way – it’s never a dull time!
  • Hikes: Arizona weather!!! Right?! Hikes! Right? There is no formal process to get a
    RPCV hike together. If you’ve a mind to go out into the great AZ yonder and want company, let’s talk about getting a group together.
  • Pot Lucks: There are often at least two pot lucks a year, once during our October member drive and another that’s a chili cook-off in January. Always fun and always delicious.
  • Paint Nights: We’ve been known to push a brush around every once in a while!
  • Costume Parties: Not sure if there have been more than the one we’ve had. But, there should and will be more.
  • Accidental-On-Purpose Friendships: When you join a group, often there is an underlying hope that they
    will be your tribe, they will be ‘your people’. You might just find that the people in the RPCV group are just that and meetings happen outside the official RPCV scope. How awesome is that?!

Would you like to organize an outing? We’d❤️ that! Just email us!